An Overview of Dynamite Wealth (The Red Tiger)

Gambling and the period of the gold rush and prospecting in the Wild West go together like fire and gasoline. The topics complement one another and share numerous commonalities. There’s the excitement of the search, the satisfaction of self-reliance, and the promise of (hopeful) financial reward. Those of us who enjoy gaming are fortunate in that we may do it without having to leave the comfort of our own homes. Think about the guys who had to stand in water up to their knees while holding a pan all those years ago. Or you may spelunk beneath the surface in crumbling mine shafts. The folks at Red Tiger obviously agree, because they’ve made it possible for players to go deep into the earth with a bearded old-time prospector as he swings an axe at rocks in the hopes of finding some gold.

The protagonist of this slot game appears to work part-time in a number of other gold-mining slots. He has the bushy Santa Claus beard seen in games like Pragmatic Play’s Gold Rush and Blueprint’s Diamond Mine: Megaways. Visually and functionally, Dynamite Riches can compete with either of the two slot machines. Five reels, four rows, and twenty fixed paylines are used in this slot machine set deep within a mineshaft. Above the reels is a stick of dynamic with a lengthy fuse and 4 locked padlocks, hinting at some of the possibilities to come. The minimum bet is only 10 cents each spin, while the maximum is $/€20.

Symbols are designed to fit the gold-mining theme. The suits of low value playing cards (diamonds, hearts, clubs, and spades) are depicted as jewels for aesthetic purposes. Lanterns, shovels/picks, a helmet, a sack of nuggets, and a miner himself are the highest paying symbols (each paying 15 times the wager). Except for the miner, who only needs two or more of a kind to win, winning combos consist of three or more of a kind. With a developer rating of 5/5 and reasonable return possibilities, this is as volatile as it gets. While the 95.7% RTP isn’t very impressive, the high hit rate gives pretty frequent wins that keep the game intriguing as players pound away with a pickaxe in search of the jackpot. The sequence in which the features are implemented contributes to their durability.

Red Tiger’s Dynamite Fortunes (Features)

There are three types of wilds in the Dynamite Riches slot machine. If you get five of a kind with the gold bar, dynamite bundle, or diamond, you’ll get paid 15 times your bet. Now, the fuse of the dynamite explodes in the air above the reels whenever the bundle of dynamite symbol appears. If you hit enough wilds, the dynamite will go off, revealing one of four Special features.

The first detonates a blast shielding the reels from any low payout symbols.

The second one rattles the mine, releasing a swarm of wilds onto the reels at random.

The compass in the third can spin to award multipliers of up to ten.

When you unlock the last padlock, 2×2 and 3×3 Mega Wilds will be added to the game.

If one of these functions is activated, it will only affect the subsequent spin. Following that single turn, play resumes normally. Also, if you get five dynamite wilds, five random wilds, or five mega wilds on a payline, you’ll win 15 times your wager.

In addition, the Gold Spins symbol acts as a scatter in Dynamite Riches. If this icon appears on reels 2, 3, and 4, it will activate 8 free games. Two more free games are added for every extra Gold Spins symbol besides the first. Landing three or more scatter symbols will restart the bonus round. All bonus features are active during the Gold Spins bonus round.

The Case for Dynamite Wealth (Red Tiger)

Red Tiger claims that the Dynamite Riches slot machine would provide players with “guaranteed entertainment.” After a long session, however, we’ve come to the conclusion that three scatters are quite difficult to land. Of all, you can never predict how luck will treat you, so maybe tonight just wasn’t our night. This seems to be more than an isolated case. Some players have complained that prior Red Tiger games lacked scatter symbols and additional features.

Thankfully, that didn’t ruin the experience, and we still managed to have a fun time playing Dynamite Riches. The hit rate is what saved the day since it gives you reason to keep pressing the spin button. The four features add replay value, and the game’s longevity is enhanced by the clever way they are activated by explosives. Staying power is further boosted by Dynamite Riches’ max potential of almost 5,000 times the investment which is a considerable load of nuggets, and deserving of a serious dig. Keep that in mind while you hunt for those evasive scatter symbols; it’s quite volatile.

After the initial excitement of discovering those first four traits, however, attention quickly wanes. Until then the anticipation to know exactly how they will effect the game (and how much you will win) is a great incentive to keep spinning. If you’ve already seen them, the quest is over (unless you’re really into Wild West-themed slot machines).

Red Tiger has, overall, developed a playable game. There are a surprisingly big number of slot machines that have a Gold Mining theme. Dynamite Riches stands out as a top choice among many similar products. Dynamite Riches is worth venturing underground to try because of its tremendous volatility and win rate, not to mention its potential.






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